On the Black Rock Playa, Black Rock Desert, Nevada
Steve Krenzen, Explorer, Writer, Business and Transition Consultant
Exploring is my passion!
I have had the great pleasure of spending a good amount of time in Africa over the past few decades. In addition to offering wonderful Safaris www.safariguides.com I have explored a great number of countries and remote regions throughout the Continent.
The past few years I have taken off in my Jeep and explored many remote regions here in the US focusing on our Western Desert Regions. During my travels in the States I have also seen great historic sites and met some wonderful people!
The Rocky Restaurant is a large piece of Coral located just off the East Coast of Zanzibar. Many years ago some local guys decided to make it a Restaurant. The food is fresh and the view simply Incredible!
A few pictures from Africa
Steve and Alberto, remote Atlantic Coast, Western Sahara
Big Hippo, at Kitavi National Park, Western Tanzania
Our Boat Guide with his outboard, Djoudj National Park, Senegal
With Rhino Anti-Poaching Patrol, Zimbabwe
At local beer bar in Lake Natron, Tanzania
Sailing off the Coast of Banc d' Arguin National Park, Mauritania
We came across this Big Male while on Safari in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe.

Just slightly to his left is another Hugh Male sitting in the Bush! Hwange is the largest National Park in Zimbabwe.
My USA Travels
Steve and Ellis at an old mining cabin in the Mojave Preserve
Steve and his Dad Jack off Hwy 50 close to the Utah-Nevada Border
The original Pony Express Station from 1860 located in St. Joseph, Missouri
On the Colorado River three miles from the Hoover Dam
Jim, Dean, Rod, Steve, and Gary, at the Lizard Lounge outside of Presidio, Texas
92nd Birthday of Little Jimmy Dickens, at the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville Tennessee
At the Dumont Dunes in the Mojave Desert, California. My home state of California has about twenty three million acres of Desert, which is also the home of our famous Death Valley National Park covering 3.3 million acres!
I hope you have enjoyed our pictures and writings. I have taken what I have learned from my travels and integrated it all into my business practices.
From these experiences I have created Steve's Services. Have a look and if I can assist you in one of these ways, please contact me today!

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