Mondo's Auto Shop in Runzewe, Western Tanzania
Steve's Worldwide Services
Village meeting site, small village Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe
Business/Transition Consultant

Combing my self-employment and self-awareness skills, which I have accumulated over the past thirty-five years, I can assist you with many aspects of improving your business. During this time I have successfully owned and operated three different businesses mostly in the Automobile and Safari Industries. Having managed up to one hundred plus employees, my communication skills are exceptional. I also have vast domestic and international experience.

In addition I consult with folks and assist them with life's transitions such as, retirement, empty nesting, dealing with aging parents and talking about how to be aware of your own aging and dying process. Most people go through life busy and distracted, I will help you create or realize how to live by your philosophy, not ones often dictated by society!

River Crossing Livingstone Expedition, Central Zambia
Expedition/Safari Leader and Organizer
I am available to lead specialist trips throughout the African Continent, including game-viewing safaris, remote expeditions, and water born trips. If you have your own dream trip in Africa, I can organize all services for you and/or lead it!
Boarding flight to the Bush, Kenya
Exclusive Fly-In Safaris
Create your own very specialized up market fly-in Safaris. I can arrange this style of travel with various different aircraft including helicopters. This is a unique way to see Africa! With the Helicopter we can get to places no one has been! Having a personal relationship with most of the pilots is also very helpful.
Our Sahara Desert Crew, Ibrahim, Mohamed, Steve, Bashir, and Ali.

After many, many years of exploring Africa I have met and traveled with some of the best guides throughout the Continent. We often have one of our local guides accompany us because they know the area Chiefs and Elders. This allows us access others simply do not have!

NOTE: If you have the desire to travel on your own, we specialize in assisting single travelers!

Somewhere between Chobe and Savuti, Botswana

I have a substantial collection of unique shots from all over Africa. If you need that special shot from somewhere in Africa and you cannot make it, you can hire one of my associate professional photographers or myself and we will get those special shots for you.

NOTE: If you are a teacher of photography or a professional and would like to bring your own group over, I can assist you.

Filming at Ronjo with Masai, somewhere in Masai Step Region of Tanzania

We can set-up all logistics for any destination including travel plans, accommodations, flights, food, local transport, and permits, ECT.

We can arrange a wide variation of all Professional Grade Equipment, which is available for hire in Africa so you do not need to bring large amounts of gear with you!

Pomene Lodge, remote beach location,Mozambique

If you or your manager need leave or have an emergency we can step in and run your camp for you. We can easily work with your staff without interruption to your operation

Most of you involved in Africa know me, for those of you who do not:

I have many years in the Safari industry and have covered most aspects of the business, having been involved in selling, organizing and participating in Safaris/Expeditions throughout Africa since 1992. I have also worked at Safari Camps before and have participated with the construction of a couple of camps.

NOTE: Time constraints are not an issue for me, so if you need assistance for two weeks or a couple of months that is no problem!

Tractor work, Mulas Dairy, Sonoma, California

If you need to travel, I can manage your farm or ranch for you. I am very well traveled throughout the African Continent and no location is too remote. Whether your assets are land, livestock, crops, or wine fields, we can take care of it for you.

Experience: I have worked all aspects on a large Dairy Farm and worked in the Wine industry!

Bernie, Bob, Steve, and Jack together they have two-hundred years of Car Business experience

If you are off on holiday or changing personal, I can step-in to any or all departments of management settings.

I have over thirty years of experience in the automobile industry. I have worked in all departments within the new car dealership setting, including service and spare parts departments. I am a graduate of General Motors Institute and of the NADA Dealer Candidate Academy. I have also owned and operated a large wholesale business, so I have new and used car experience, wholesale and retail. My training and experience comes from the US markets, which are the largest in the world.


If you are a company or individual with needs of acquiring or disposing of vehicles worldwide, I can assist you. I have considerable connections and access in the US, Africa, China, and India. I can also assist in setting up reliable transport for shipment of the vehicles.


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